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Tidal Wave


Sold Out

This soap features a “tidal wave” of fresh and clean scents that will have you smelling like a fancy spa all day long (without having to pay the spa prices!). So refreshing you won't want to put it down!

For ease of use, we suggest cutting the cupcake in half, in order to have a flat surface.

Fragrance: Clean and fresh floral

Product Notes: Garnished with a blue flower made of soap and lightly dusted in iridescent silver glitter

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About Our Soaps



We make our soap in small batches so we can pay attention to the artistic details, and all our soaps are crafted in-house to ensure the freshest, silkiest bars possible. We combine high quality oils, butters, herbs, spices, and sometimes even sprinkles to create rich, fun bars of soap that leave the skin feeling nourished and clean.



Each bar is 5oz at least but due to the handmade nature can be a little bigger.



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