Antionette's Bathhouse

The Other Woman

$ 6.00 Each

We all have an image of the other woman in our heads: the calculating predator who moves in on happily coupled men. The cloistered, diamond-draped mistress. The office sex pot who's always just a little too close to your guy at his holiday party. She's a staple of novels, movies, tabloids, even history books. Don't worry ladies this little number won't steal your man! In fact it's alluring and seductive scent that is left on you long after you bathe, may just bring him in a little closer. Also remember this pheromone fueled bomb was thought of with classy other women in mind, like Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor, not just some drunken classless one night stand.  If that were the case, I would have named it "The Skank". So back to the description.  What it does have in common is the seduction,the allure, and the feeling of naughtiness. Thus making this bomb feel so sinful, yet enticing at the same time.

With rich top notes of citrus and red fruits, the heart introduces fresh flowers of lily of the valley, tea rose, and cinnamon leaves. The dry down is woody and musky with Tan-aka wood, musk, and cedar.

As the bomb fizzes it releases angles wings and small dissolving pearls into your bath that leaves you floating in a beautiful sea of purple. Though you may hesitate....once you finally get out of the tub, your skin will feel supple and soft, leaving you feel and smell incredibly sexy and ready to seduce the man in your life. So go ahead put on some Eartha Kitt, pour some wine and and get that lingerie ready because we will have you smelling and feeling like the alluring sex kitten you were meant to be.

(Ladies be sure to use this on your man, not someone else's!)


Caution: bath bombs are very fragile and could crack or crumble during shipping from time to time. But their performance in the bath will be as good as ever.