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Just for Men Soap Trio


A special set just for the men!

Barbershop has a sexy masculine blend of juicy mandarin oranges, peppercorn, spicy wood, leather, musk, and rich amber.   We kick up the "Testosterone" by adding a mustache to every bar we sell!  

Shades of Grey is a masculine Pumice scrub Soap keeps you fresh all day long and keeps body odor at bay. unique and sexy blend of exotic ingredients such as Italian bergamot, Moroccan tangerine, juniper leaves, green mandarin and Sicilian lemon with small amounts of champagne, Tuscany basil, Tonka bean, and rum. This soap can scintillate your senses with long- asting freshness and makes great gift for men.

Beer and Loathing....We love making this soap. For an entire day our Shop actually smells like a Brewery with the scent of malted barley, hops and brewer's yeast.  This soap is actually made with REAL BEER!!  (Of course we have to actually "taste test" the beer to make sure it is of the highest quality and worthy of our amazing soaps).



We make our soap in small batches so we can pay attention to the artistic detail. We combine high quality oils,butters,herbs,spices, and sometimes even SPRINKLES!, that yield a creamy, super silky, rich FUN bar of soap that leaves the skin feeling nourished, and clean.

Each bar is 5oz at least but due to the handmade nature can be a little bigger.
In Your Face In Your Face

In Your Face

$8.50 Each

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Barbershop Barbershop


$7.00 Each

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Beer And Loathing Beer And Loathing

Beer And Loathing

$8.50 Each

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