Antionette's Bathhouse

Gingie Snapped

$ 8.50 Each

Gingie has finally snapped!

Sick and tired of people always biting his head off, picking him apart, and crumbling his dreams. Gingie has decided to run away to Candy Cane Mountain where he wishes to be left alone. If you decide to take your chances and pursue him, just beware this crazy cookie has quite a bite. Rub him all over your body and watch him bubble with cleaning fury. This angry Gingerbread Man smells just like ginger snap cookies with a hint of peppermint.  He gets his color from real Hershey's Cocoa Powder. 

We make our soap in small batches so we can pay attention to the artistic detail. We combine high quality oils,butters,herbs,spices, and sometimes even SPRINKLES!, that yield a creamy, super silky, rich FUN bar of soap that leaves the skin feeling nourished, and clean.

 Each bar is 5oz at least but due to the handmade nature can be a little bigger.