Antionette's Bathhouse

Dirty Hippie

$ 7.00 Each


Stereotypical Hippies just reek of offensive Patchouli inducing migraines amongst innocent bystanders for generations.  Despite the urban legend of using it to mask the smell of Marijuana, Hippies used it to smell close to nature and not like their Father's Old Spice.  Unfortunately, a handful of Hippies felt the natural smell of one's armpit also brought them close to nature, causing a pungent cocktail of offensive aromas.  Patchouli is an herb in the mint family native to Asia.  Antoinette's Bath House has made it our personal mission to vindicate it's bad reputation.  We found the highest grade of Patchouli essential oil available and softened it with sweet chili and orange.  This is actually a personal favorite of Antoinette's Bath House and we have to work hard to keep up with the demand! This is definitely not your Grandparent's Patchouli.


We make our soap in small batches so we can pay attention to the artistic detail. We combine high quality oils,butters,herbs,spices, and sometimes even SPRINKLES!, that yield a creamy, super silky, rich FUN bar of soap that leaves the skin feeling nourished, and clean.
Each bar is 5oz at least but due to the handmade nature can be a little bigger.