Handmade Artisan Bath Products Locally Made in St. Augustine, Florida

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About Us

Antoinette's Bath House is located in the beautiful Historical Section of the Nation's Oldest City, St. Augustine, Florida.  Inspired by Marie Antoinette who had her personal physicians create herbal, botanical and medicinal bath concoctions for both therapeutic and beauty purposes.  Antoinette's Bath House originated from Athena's small kitchen into what it is known for today.  An edgy and eclectic studio where there are no limits to creating bath treats that will entice your senses.   All of our products are hand made with quality ingredients.   Whether you like your bath products rustic and natural or with sparkling bling, we have something for everyone.  You can smell like a French Queen or a French…………..nevermind!


Antoinette's Bath House is becoming a local favorite.  What makes us special is our customers.  Of course we are guilty of luring them into our Chandeliered Lair with the fascinating aromas permeating out of our open front door.  Yes…….we pride ourselves on being a Local Tourist Trap!!  Since we are "factory direct" and everything is made on the premises, some days the streets smell like a French Bakery, other days they smell like Jasmine and Honeysuckle.  Once the unsuspecting Customer falls into our trap, they are hypnotized by the plethora of aromas and colors.  Some of our products look so much like edible bakery delights, that we had to put up a warning sign!  


Our customers are our inspiration.  We appreciate your feedback.  And most of all, we appreciate your business! 

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