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Baker's Dozen Shower Steamers

$42.00 $45.50 Each

If there are any specific Shower Steamers you would like, specify them here.

We still have individual steamers available, we're just temporarily not offering the Baker's Dozen option.

Get 13 Shower Steamers for the Price of 12. List your preferred scents during checkout, otherwise we'll send a collection of different shower steamers to entice your senses.  Note:  We often have a variety of products within our retail location that are not listed on this website.  The "Baker's Dozen" will give you the opportunity to try some of our limited edition creations. 

Not for Bath!  

Ingredients:  Baking soda, citric acid, menthol crystals, essential oils, witch hazel, botanicals (when applicable), mica colorant. 


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