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How We Make Our Handmade Soaps

November 13 2018

Ever wonder how we make our deliciously dreamy soaps? We're giving you an inside look at how we create those adorably hand-crafted bars you know and love!

Antoinette's Bathhouse iconic soaps first start out as an idea, just like all our fabulous product. Owner and lead soap artist, Athena, says she gets her best ideas for soap creations right before she falls asleep and wakes up the next morning to get started on her new creations!  

How Soap is Made
Each batch of soap starts out with a combination of olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil which deeply hydrates and nourishes skin. Next, color is added to the batch. The colors are free poured into soap molds to create a unique swirled pattern, so two Antoinette's Bathhouse soaps are ever the same! Check out Crazy Cat Lady's unique color combination of bright white, vibrant purple and hot pink swirls! 

Fragrance oils are then added to each batch to give the soap their signature scents. Our Sweet Thang soap has gorgeous notes of ripe juicy strawberries, sweet vanilla, jasmine and violet. 

The batches are molded into one large piece and, after curing for three to four weeks, are hand-cut down to individual bars that are ready to be taken home and enjoyed. Check out Hot for Cabana Boy being sliced into the classic Antoinette’s Bathhouse shape. 

Sometimes we top our luscious bars of soap with sprinkles, dried fruit, flowers and even glitter to create Antoinette’s Bathhouse iconic cheeky products. Our Cereal Killer soap is topped with brightly colored fruity cereal rings made from soap.

Because our soaps are handmade, each finished product is a unique work of art. We make our soap in small batches in-house to ensure the freshest, silkiest bars possible that leave your skin feeling nourished, clean and smelling amazing. Here's a final look at our Nitro Circus soap which features a swirl of bright neon colors with punchy and sweet fragrance! 

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