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Meet the Antoinette's Bathhouse Owner, Athena!

May 10 2019

Behind every fun and creative product is an artist: Meet Athena, owner and mastermind behind the artistic soaps, bath bombs, and more here at Antoinette’s Bathhouse!


Where did the idea for Antoinette’s Bathhouse come from?

Athena has always been inspired by the grandeur of Marie Antoinette’s life. The French queen lived a life a splendor right down to her bath, requesting her physicians to specially craft her artful bath products that are not unlike our bath bombs today. Through creating Antoinette’s Bathhouse, it has been Athena’s dream to create unique bath products that allow others to feel a bit of that decadence.

By pulling inspiration from her dreams and life, Athena has created products that take influence from desserts, mythology, and more. It’s her goal to make sure that everyone who uses her products feels like a queen.

Check out some of her delicious concoctions here today!

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